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Transform your whole health.

Metabolic Reset Program:
A Guide to Optimal Health & Wellbeing

Do you struggle with any of the following:

Low Energy & Difficulty Sleeping

Weight Struggles

Chronic Stress

Chronic Pain

Blood Sugar Imbalance

Elevated Cholesterol

Hormone Imbalance

Trouble Optimizing Your Exercise Routine

Knowing Which Nutrition Guidelines to Follow

This is a 5-week program designed to help you move toward optimal health. Here, you will learn how to:

Promote Fat Adaption

Have More Steady Energy

Decrease Inflammation

Balance Blood Sugar

Reduce Stress

Sleep Better

Build and Maintain Muscle

Generally Feel Better!


Location |


Time Dedication |

The program will consist of 5 consecutive group coaching sessions that will last 1.5 hours and take place on Zoom. You will be provided with a digital e-book and digital workbook as a resource that you can keep at the end of the program.

Dates |

5 consecutive Thursday evenings, January 5h, 12th, 19th, 26th & February 2nd
from 5:30-7 pm PST

Cost |

$400 per person, includes a digital workbook and participation in 5 classes. Current patients receive $100 off.

A Physical Workbook can be purchased for an additional $80 plus tax and shipping if required.

To Sign Up |

email or call 530-925-3221

Deadline to Sign Up | 

Wednesday, January 4th at 5 pm PST

This is not a diet - this is a complete lifestyle training program.

We will approach this through nutrition, exercise, stress-reduction techniques, and sleep habits, over a 5 week period. That will be enough to start understanding basic concepts and how to incorporate them into your life. However, this process is not designed to end at 5 weeks…it is designed to be a sustainable and ongoing way of supporting your lifelong health.

Remember, achieving optimal health is a dynamic process that takes a lifetime to perfect. What else could be more important than this in your life?

This program is designed and lead by Dr. Christina Caselli, ND. Dr. Caselli knows firsthand the importance of optimizing nutrition, incorporating structured exercise regimens, managing stress, and prioritizing sleep, in achieving and maintaining optimal health. She has dedicated her life to learning how to improve her own health and the health of others. She enjoys learning about her body and how to give it what it needs, so that she can experience a high quality of life for as many years as she can. She hopes you will find joy in it too!

She was inspired to create this program so that her patients could be more successful making the changes required to achieve their health goals. She felt limited by what they could accomplish in their patient appointments and wanted something that could give more in depth guidance at home, where the real changes happen, and be a resource for years to come.

Through this program, she hopes you will learn some new tools and be inspired to view health as a journey and not a destination!

We are doing this program in a group setting so that you have community support while working towards your goals. This can also be done as a one-on-one program with Dr. Caselli, if a group setting is not right for you.

The program will consist of 5 consecutive weekly group coaching sessions that will last 1.5 hours and will take place on Zoom. You will be provided with a digital e-book and digital workbook as a resource that you can keep at the end of the program. Each week will introduce new healthy habits around nutrition, exercise, stress reduction techniques, sleep hygiene and much more!


This program will be offered as a self-study online course coming soon!!!